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28th June 2005

thewingedone2:10pm: *Waves*
Hey, hi, yo. I'm going to attend in August and I just went today to talk finance with the admissions rep. Which is why I'm all depressed about it right now (damn price tag).

But you know, I've got this far. I've graduated high school before turning 17 with an unweighted GPA of 3.98 and I've found what I wanted to do and found a great place to do it, it's just that the price tag is VERY sobering and so I decided I should see if there were any Ex'pression LJ communities and... lo and behold! : ) Very happy.

Since it seems most of you are already graduates, I was hoping to fish for some optimism. -_- I need it.

Oh, and I'm doing the Digital Visual Media major, I live in Berkeley, and my name is Donna. Nice to meet you all!

9th March 2005

moon_rising11:42pm: w00t
well... I'm all done. Graduation ceremony is on the 18th. It's funny, Expresssion Center almost made me forget how much I love sleep.
Current Mood: accomplished

24th December 2004

moon_rising11:22pm: tis the holiday season, and Shawn Green is rockin' the Expression Center maitanence. Even if I TRIED to book studio time this winter break, I could be assured that the master fader would be removed from whatever console I was trying to use and secured on Shawn Green's desk. Don't get me wrong, this is not a complaint, I appreciate Shawn's work. But his tactics amuse me... greatly.
Current Mood: drunk

7th December 2004

moon_rising9:44am: bah
I wish we had lockers at school. I have so much crap that I'm bringing today to keep me occupied during LMW3 lab, and I can't keep it in my car. I have to park damn near a mile away now because I got my "final warning" for parking in the lot with an expired permit. The school is so heavily over-populated with new students, that all the street parking near by is always filled up. Sometimes there's not even spots available in teh lot, so it really makes no sense to pay $25/month for parking that isn't always available.

...now that I mention it, there ARE lockers in the bathroom in the new building. I'm not sure why, I think they were there before the school moved in. Regardless, I'm pretty sure we're not supposed to use them. There's only like, 30 or so anyway. There's showers in there too. wtf? I could have used those when I was practiaclly living there for a month last winter.

I'm pretty sure Gary is coming into class today for one of his infamous inspirational speaches. It will be a nice reprieve from "raptor lady" as Kyle calls her.
Current Mood: aggravated

27th July 2004

whenimdead3:03pm: So, hello tiny community. I've always wanted to go to Expression, but was forced to go to a university instead. Maybe after college, then I could live in Berkeley and hug trees.

Oh yeah and from what I understand, this "total immersion" thing basically means no time for a job?

29th June 2004

jesus___chris3:31pm: is this community read? i only see one other member.

anyhow, my name is chris and i start attending expression on july 13th. see you there.
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