Donna (thewingedone) wrote in expressioncntr,


Hey, hi, yo. I'm going to attend in August and I just went today to talk finance with the admissions rep. Which is why I'm all depressed about it right now (damn price tag).

But you know, I've got this far. I've graduated high school before turning 17 with an unweighted GPA of 3.98 and I've found what I wanted to do and found a great place to do it, it's just that the price tag is VERY sobering and so I decided I should see if there were any Ex'pression LJ communities and... lo and behold! : ) Very happy.

Since it seems most of you are already graduates, I was hoping to fish for some optimism. -_- I need it.

Oh, and I'm doing the Digital Visual Media major, I live in Berkeley, and my name is Donna. Nice to meet you all!
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i'm one of the few non-graduates that is in this community.

are you coming here straight out of high school or do you have any GE to transfer over? The only thing more sobering than the price tag are the general ed courses. I only had to take 2 GE courses and i'm thankful that the year i spent at community college wasn't a complete waste of time because it helped me bypass GE. It isn't all bad, I promise you. It's just the dealing with the frustration of not being able to dive into what you want to do right away and the countdown that goes along with it that sucks.

My name is Chris and i'm in Sound Arts.
I'm coming straight from high school but apparently, they count AP classes (which I had taken 3 of) so it's a little bit better.

It's nice to meet you! :D
Sorry to hear about the price tag. I was one of the last classes to join before the tuition went above 40k.

Nice to see you're a smart cat (3.98 is pretty impressive.) A lot of really dumb rich kids seem to make it into Expression, but after about 6 months, they either have adjusted and are cool, or they drop out. ;-)

I'm a grad, but frequently going back to Ex'pensive to use my studio time (sound arts student.)

You'll find this community is pretty inactive, but hey, with new-comers, who knows. Keep in touch.
Heh. Yay!

It's really nice to meet you. I really am quite excited about all this and it seems like there are a lot of really cool people around (rich bitches or no :D).
Hiii! I am already at Ex'pression. are you taking GE there? I took it and I just finished Drawing Boot Camp and it was HARD. (I'm in DVM too.) HAVE FUN! (just found this community too, and laughed.)
Yeah, I'm taking GE. :D

I'm so happy to meet new people!!! I felt sooo lost there today. ;_;
I know what you mean, I joined last year in August. >.< I was lost as well. But tomarrow is insider's day, hopefully it's not a boring one! XD

Hey! If I recognize you, I'd totally saw hi.
I'm the short asian girl with the jeans, black T-Shirt (I'll wear the GEEK IS SEXY one tomorrow), and medium length hair.
haha okay, I look like thiiis:

Oh man, I hella just printed out that picture so I can see if I can recognize you 'cause I'm soooo lost and I don't know anyone at all except the new people I vaguely met today. *Dies*
ahah my hair kinna stands out in the crowd cause it's bleached white blonde and red in the front. :P

::looks for better picture::

omg tuna! haha.