Donna (thewingedone) wrote in expressioncntr,


Hey, hi, yo. I'm going to attend in August and I just went today to talk finance with the admissions rep. Which is why I'm all depressed about it right now (damn price tag).

But you know, I've got this far. I've graduated high school before turning 17 with an unweighted GPA of 3.98 and I've found what I wanted to do and found a great place to do it, it's just that the price tag is VERY sobering and so I decided I should see if there were any Ex'pression LJ communities and... lo and behold! : ) Very happy.

Since it seems most of you are already graduates, I was hoping to fish for some optimism. -_- I need it.

Oh, and I'm doing the Digital Visual Media major, I live in Berkeley, and my name is Donna. Nice to meet you all!
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